Keep Your Family Safe From Food-borne Illness

Keep Your Family Safe From Food-borne Illness

Rotten Meat


The effects of food-borne illnesses range from mild discomfort to the need for hospitalization. Meat items, if not properly handled, can be the source in a number of ways.

The undercooking of meat is often a cause of illness, which is why we have posted a chart that shows the internal temperatures to which meat should be cooked. Another frequent cause of illness is the improper defrosting of meat items, which is why we posted instructions on how to correctly defrost meat.

Meat can also be a source of illness in a more insidious way: Cross Contamination.

When you bring home meat from the supermarket, it is often packaged in a Styrofoam tray that has a cellophane-like overwrap. This packaging is not suitable for the freezer, so the meat has to be removed from the package and placed in a zip-lock freezer bag, or some other suitable container. In addition, the meat, particularly in the case of chicken cutlets, is almost never adequately trimmed of fat, sinew, and cartilage. This trimming and repackaging process usually takes place on your countertop and requires the use of cutting boards, knives, and plates.

Subsequently, each of these will be contaminated by the raw juices of the meat and, if not cleaned immediately and properly, can contaminate other surfaces and food items in your kitchen.

For example, the cutting board that you used to trim your chicken cutlets can transfer salmonella to the tomato that you sliced for your salad. Unwashed hands after meat handling can transfer contaminates to refrigerator door handles and kitchen cabinets.

This cross-contamination can easily put your family’s health at risk. Yikes!

At Berk Lombardo, our products and packaging greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination. First, every item is completely trimmed of all extraneous fat. Your chicken cutlets, for example, do not have to be touched
at all. They are ready to be cooked. Second, the items are vacuum-sealed and ready for the freezer. So, there are no juices to be spread on your countertop or on anything else in your kitchen.

So next time you are at the supermarket with Styrofoam/cellophane wrapped piece meat in your hands, remember that we offer 2-day delivery times on all our products. Products that stay, fresh and safer longer.

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